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Asset Visibility & Inventory

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Obtaining complete visibility of all installed equipment and their interconnections is key to enhancing the security of industrial & XIOT systems.

SECKIOT's passive (agentless) monitoring technology is non-invasive and has no impact on XIoT & IOT production networks.

It works by collecting a copy of the IoT network traffic from the SPAN port of a network switch or via a network TAP, using a network TAP, using proprietary network traffic analysis (NTA) to provide valuable information about your asset inventory.

Based on this information, our understanding of the configuration of these systems and the Purdue model, SECKIOT provides a network map suitable for IoT, IOT and cybersecurity operational teams.

This accurate and comprehensive mapping contains the following information: equipment name, type and manufacturer, serial number, protocols used, IP and MAC, firmware version and other important information for accurate identification of each XIoT & IOT device and their interconnections.

Our features

+ Network architecture (logical mapping + Purdue representation ) 

+ The inventory of their equipment and their attributes

+ The flow matrix

+ Networks events


In addition, our advanced Analytics technology closely monitors the evolution of the content of communications so that the operator can easily detect new uses in its network.

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