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Cyber OT 24 Technical Days "A growth lever for your 4.0 production"

With the rise in cyberthreats and the introduction of the NIS 2 Directive, EO cybersecurity is becoming essential for manufacturers. At the same time, the 4.0 technological transition offers significant opportunities, but also creates new security challenges linked to production tools:


  • What cyber threats are manufacturers facing?

  • How can existing systems be protected?

  • How can we ensure the security of IT/OT interactions?

  • What regulatory obligations apply to the industrial sector?

  • How can I optimise my production thanks to IoT cybersecurity?

Organised with Agilicom and Siemens, these Technical Days will provide you with the keys to implementing an IoT cybersecurity strategy tailored to your environment.


Find out more about the IoT Cyber approach by taking part in our conferences, demonstrations and workshops.


Programme of the EO Cyber Technical Days


9.00 am - Welcome

9:30 - Conferences and case studies

  • The impact of the NIS 2 directive on our industrial sites

  • IoT cyber security step by step

  • Tools to protect against cyber attacks

12:30 - Buffet lunch

14:00 - Workshops and demonstrations

  • Mapping your IoT network 

  • Supervision and administration of an industrial network 

  • Monitoring and detecting security flaws in an IoT network 

17:00 - Closing session


Register free of charge to meet our teams!

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