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Technical day "Cybersecurity of industrial systems" of Exera 

SECKIOT is participating in Exera's Technical Day "Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems" on September 28th.

For the ninth consecutive year, Exera's "Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems" technical committee is organizing a technical day on the theme of Industrial Systems Cybersecurity on the next 28th of September in Paris. The day is open to both cybersecurity specialists and non-specialists. It aims to provide participants with up-to-date information on the regulatory and normative environments, which have been particularly evolving over the past few years. This event will focus on innovations and technical developments in terms of hardware and software architecture solutions designed to address the increasingly numerous and varied threats, while preserving the possibilities of exchanges between the different information systems of companies (management, production, etc.).

Our Conference – Appointment at 11:35 AM


Our experts will speak at a conference titled "Field Feedback: Most Mapped Cyber Anomalies in 2023", hosted by François Foyer, Director of R&D.

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