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Technical day "Cybersecurity of industrial systems" of Exera 

SECKIOT participates in the Technical Day "Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems" of Exera on September 29

For the eighth consecutive year, the “Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems” of Exera is organizing a day on September 29 in Paris technical on the theme of Cybersecurity of Industrial Systems.


The day is open to both specialists and non-specialists in the cybersecurity. It aims to provide participants with up-to-date information on regulatory and normative environments, which have been particularly changing over the course of these last years.  


This meeting will take stock of innovations and technical developments in terms of hardware and software architecture solutions designed to respond to threats ever more numerous and varied, while preserving the possibilities of exchanges between different business information systems (management GIS, production, etc.).  

Our conference – See you at 4 p.m.  

Our experts will speak at a conference entitled “Concrete case of exploitation of the flow matrix in an OT network for anomaly detection via temporal ML”, led by Thomas Anglade, Lead Data Scientist and François Foyer, R&D Director.  

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