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Vulnerability Management

SECKIOT provides detailed information about your XIoT & IOT environment, allowing you to proactively monitor and correct configuration and network hygiene issues that make your network vulnerable to attack or cause operational problems.

To enhance the CVSS scoring mechanism, SECKIOT designs a predictive vulnerability management model, which allows identifying and classifying risks from the lowest to the highest level of granularity according to different types of configurable criteria such as the type of equipment, its location in the network, its operational importance, the level of interaction with other equipment in order to reduce the time needed to effectively apply patches and make better decisions.

Our Platform continuously monitors the network for new known vulnerabilities, based on the security intelligence provided by our teams, allowing your IT and technical teams to easily master the current risks of industrial & IOT systems.

At the same time, SECKIOT compares this retrieved information with the SECKIOT knowledge database and other external databases from industry CERTs as well as the most recent list of CVEs. The system also automatically monitors new hacking tool modules, attacker group postings and many other lesser known forums through OSINT tags.

If it finds a match, an alert will be sent up the system to notify the teams in charge of cyber security.

Our features

+  Prioritization according to their level of risk and their context (criticality, localisation, interactions, etc.)

+ Enhanced notifications

+ Suggestions of correction

+ An update SECKIOT knowledge base (also including public CERTs and equipments manufacturers)

+ Configurable reports for technical & manegerial users 

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