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GI 2023 - Global Industry

In four editions, Global Industry has established itself as one of the world's leading 

dedicated to industry. 

All the players in the industry are thus assured of meeting their current and new partners and of finding and new partners and to find the product, equipment, know-how or solution they are looking for the product, equipment, know-how or solution they are looking for, saving time, investment and and efficiency. 

Global Industry is : 

- 85 countries represented by its visitors  

- 40% of foreign exhibitors from 40 countries   

- This positioning and this first-rate European and worldwide influence explains the active support of the highest political and institutional authorities, as well as authorities, as well as the socio-professional organisations, from which the show benefits  

- It is thus placed under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic and welcomes a number of ministers, elected officials, ambassadors and representatives of the largest European professional organisations in the world of industry. 

Meet SECKIOT on the IOT Village, stand 2M80 !

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