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Our Ecosystem

SECKIOT joined the “Pôle d’Excellence Cyber” in March 2022.

Initiated in 2014 by the Ministry of Army (cyber defense pact) and by the Regional Council of Brittany (future pact) with a national scope and an international outreach objective, the “Pôle d’Excellence Cyber” relies on the academic fabric universities and colleges, and on the innovation of CNRS and INRIA laboratories with national partners or other European territories.


SECKIOT joined the new promotion of GICAT's GENERATE program in February 2022.

GICAT, a professional group created in 1978, has 382 members: large groups, ETIs, SMEs and since the creation of its start-up accelerator GENERATE in 2017, 56 young shoots.

Its members, the French defense and land and air-land security manufacturers, cover a wide spectrum of industrial activities, research, services and consulting for the benefit of military and civilian, national and international components.


SECKIOT has been a CLUSIF sponsor since 2021.

The CLUSIF is a professional club open to any company or community. It welcomes users and suppliers from all economic activity sectors. The purpose of CLUSIF is to act for information security, a factor in the sustainability of companies and public authorities. It thus intends to raise awareness among all players by integrating a cross-cutting dimension into its discussion groups (risk management, law, economic intelligence, etc.).


Bpifrance finances and supports businesses - at every stage of their development - through loans, guarantees, innovation aid and equity capital. In doing so, Bpifrance supports the public policies pursued by the State and the Regions. Bpifrance supports them in their development, ecological and energy transition, innovation and international projects. 

Bpifrance also provides export financing in the name and on behalf of the State. In conjunction with recognised consultancies and training organisations, 

Bpifrance offers support solutions tailored to start-ups, VSEs, SMEs and ETIs. Thanks to Bpifrance and its 50 regional offices, entrepreneurs benefit from a close and efficient contact to support them in the sustainable growth of their business.


SECKIOT joins the France Deeptech association in December 2023

The aim of France Deeptech is to bring together and unite the various players in the deeptech sector, in particular deeptech entrepreneurs, investors and research laboratories, in order to encourage the emergence and/or rapid growth of ambitious and daring entrepreneurial projects capable of making a decisive contribution to solving our major contemporary challenges, as well as maintaining French and European competitiveness and technological independence, guarantees of sovereignty and freedom.

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